CHASE: Children Having Anxiety Symptoms Early by Vivian Sharpe

Vivian Sharpe is a psychotherapist raising an inquisitive, intelligent, and handsome son who struggles to cope with anxiety. Just when she is beginning to accept the limitations that anxiety imposes on her son the unthinkable happens. She is taken for an emotional ride where she encounters shock, grief and fear before learning to embrace her courage in order to help her son rise above the pathological intrusion in their lives. In this book Mrs. Sharpe gives a first hand account of her experience dealing with mental health experts, child protective services and school officials after learning that her own son had been sexually abused. Based on her years of working with victims of abuse Mrs. Sharpe brings substantial insight into the psychological make up of victims and victimizers.

About the Author: 

Vivian Sharpe is a psychotherapist, a mother and a wife. She grew up in the south and after graduating from the Universtity of North Carolina in Greensboro she moved to New York City where she worked in the theater. Eventually she completed a master’s degree while attending New York University. Furthering her education Mrs. Sharpe continued college in order to obtain her license as a professional counselor and clinical addiction specialist. Mrs. Sharpe worked in many capacities as a counselor before settling into private practice. She has been working as a therapist for over fifteen years and has worked with trauma survivors for the majority of that time.

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